Neglected, Abused, and Molested; Ron Couldn’t Escape

Despite 15 years of horrific and potentially fatal child abuse, Ronald T. tells his real life account of the struggles he endured in his youth and how he copes with his past as an adult. Read More »

I Win

I was beaten from the age of four to 12 and enslaved to my father. I always used to think that I was ugly, stupid or even bad and that’s why he hated me so much. Read More »

“The day I learned to get my pride back”

It had been a deep, dark secret time, until the day it all changed. I woke up just like every other day. I got on my clothes and went to school… That’s when it happened. Read More »

Speak Out

I was born on September 11, 1993. I was abused so badly as a child that I was nearly killed three times. Read More »

God’s Grace

From my birth in 1971, until I was ten months old I laid in a crib with little to no attention. My birth mother did not want me and pumped me full of drugs trying to kill me when I was only 3 months old. Read More »

Abused at Birth

My birth parents abused me very badly as a baby and didn’t feed me. Read More »

My Brother’s Story

When I was 3 years of age my mother moved me and my baby brother, who was only 8 months at the time, down to Florida with her boyfriend. Read More »

Finding Strength to Make Changes

I am nineteen now, in college studying to be a nurse and stronger than I have ever been. Read More »

Breaking the Chain

My name is Linda and my stories of abuse are no worse or no better than every story that crosses your desk each day. I went from child abuse to spouse abuse to self abuse. Read More »

Michael A. In His Own Words

Prior to my arrival at Childhelp in 1996, I was taken out of my mother’s home and placed with an aunt who was just as bad. My mother was a severe drug user addicted to methamphetamine; her addiction affected her parenting skills. We children were exposed to environments we never should have been exposed to at such a young age. When I was placed at Chilhelp, I felt love the minute I walked into the Intake office.. Read More »

Lisa B. in her own words

She was standing at the front door, scared to death. Her heart was pounding hard, and her adrenaline was pumping in full force now. She knew she had to get inside, but she knew what was going to happen when she walked through the door. She didn’t have anywhere to go. She took a deep breath and unlocked the door and walked in. Read More »

A Tucson Man is Fighting Child Abuse One Pedal at a Time

George Ledbetter is embarking on a journey that will take him from Canada to Mexico. He's doing so to raise awareness and money for Childhelp, an Arizona organization dedicated to helping abused children. Read More »

Connie Mercado in her own words…

Imagine a child riding in a car with a social worker that they hardly know. To a town that they have never heard before. Their mothers last words ringing over and over again in their head…"they're sending you to jail". "They're gonna beat you in there". Read More »

Loan Shillinger, Excerpt from the book, “Silence Broken”

It was about 15 minutes after take off with the first planeload of children in what became known as Operation Baby Lift. The C-5A transport plane out of Vietnam, in early April 1975, was about 40 miles away from the Tan Son Nhut airport in Saigon. Read More »

Building Understanding

One night, the Childhelp® National Child Abuse Hotline received a call from a 16-year-old girl who was very upset. She said that her grandparents and a local child protective services agency caseworker were trying to come between her and her parents, because of a misunderstanding. The teen was hesitant to speak further; her parents told her that she shouldn't tell anyone about the situation because "no one understands." Read More »

Building Faith

At the Childhelp® residential facilities (the villages), the children participate in a spiritual program. It is one of many programs that help to restore them to health. Read More »

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