A Mom Who Didn’t Believe

My mother and father divorced when I was about a year old. Around the age of three my mom got a new boyfriend. He was nice and really funny... or so I thought. Soon he began to come around more and eventually moved in with us. Mom worked so he and I were left alone. When she left he'd make me watch pornography with him while he explained what all was going on and how good it feels. Being as young as I was, I didn't understand. As I got older the worse it got and the more aware I was that what he was doing was wrong.

He would complain that my mom wouldn't "give him any" and he was upset. He would make me give him "hand jobs" and oral sex. He’d threaten to tell my mom I did something bad if I didn’t do what he asked. At the age of twelve, he started to buy me outfits and thong underwear to try on and model for him while he masturbated. He would also take pictures. I knew they were on his phone and wished and prayed my mom would see them. Soon he got tired of the pictures and raped me, over and over again as I cried begging him to stop. I lost my virginity and my innocence at 12 years old.

My mother didn’t believe me; she called me a “slut” and said I was coming on to her boyfriend. That’s not a mother at all. I am now 16 years old and I have a daughter of my own. I can only hope that I give my daughter the life I never had.


CFC# 11571