Child’s Play

Started as Child’s play

a hacky sack so innocent so pure.

This one not supposed to harm.

An innocent game turned so wrong.

Hidden closer and closer

started around the room then on him.

He told me to get

I had to he was the boss of me.

Brushing against parts I never knew

till one day he showed but did so much more too.

All alone he picked me up,

he laid me on his bed,

kissing me rubbing my leg.

My shorts where gone his pants down.

I won't forget the feeling in my mouth,

the felling of his hands

on parts I didn't know where there.


This was only one time my uncle touched me in ways no uncle should! Since then I have had my own problems and it gets harder to deal with all the time, but I still want to help kids and teens like me to get past some of this. It's too hard to do on your own, and I'm not bias against all of it. I know just how unrealistic things can seem, but it can all still be true and I'm tired of kids being called liars because of it!


CFC# 11571