Coming of Age

I was born to a drug addicted and alcoholic father and a dependant workaholic mother who knew no different then life with my dad. There were three kids. Our parents were young. My mother and I were beaten by my dad my whole life. When I was eight and a half I got my period (something I had no knowledge of). My father found out and told me I was now a women and I was to do what real women do. Which was to have sex and do all the sexual favors adult women do. This abuse lasted until I was 15 and my mother finally got enough courage to divorce my father. Up until I was 17 years old, no one knew (or admitted to knowing) about my abuse until I told a family member of it all.  A few years later I pressed charges against my father and went through a grueling three-week trial because my father wouldn’t plead guilty. He turned down a guilty plea offer and went to trial. He ultimately lost the case and has been in jail now for three years. He'll be there for life. I continue to get harassed and receive hateful angry letters from him. I am not over what happened to me. I have finally started to go to therapy but its still very hurtful and painful to talk about it. I am very angry. No one was there to help me. No one ever saved me. No one ever noticed until it was all too late. I can’t wait to get my nursing and criminal justice degree and help children like me. I want to be a foster mother and adoptive mother one day. I can’t wait to help the little girls that I once was.


CFC# 11571