Facing Fear

After my tears
I go back to convincing others
I made it through these years
I'm okay
Despite, my fears

Looking backwards
Only to see
The person I don't want to be
It's going to be hard
For all of these years
I just lived with my fears
Not wanting
My make-up to smear

Now having to face my true fears
Only to find me
Still standing here
They can't keep me in rewind
For now I found my sign
And I know
I'm strong on the inside 

No longer hiding
The door isn't closing
Just understanding
These fears were made real
Making me see
Those men can't feel
They have no regrets
So why should I lay in the bed
That they have made?
It's time for me to walk away 

Life will always have its ups and downs
Always trying to make me lose my place
These memories will keep their own pace
But I will no longer be chased
Someone once told me
"Everything happens for a reason"
I truly believe this has its own meaning
Helping me believe
I'm strong at last
God created this path
To help me
Live around my past
A brave young woman
Whose fears are laid to rest


CFC# 11571