Footsteps on the Stairs

I became aware of Childhelp after watching "For the Love of a Child" on YouTube. I am 60 years old, divorced, living alone, and look back on many years lived in fear. I have lived through verbal, physical and sexual abuse. My only memories of my childhood are of terror. I never knew when my father would explode, or why. He broke my arm, put my head through a wall, and kicked me after the beatings had me on the floor… but it was the verbal abuse that did the real damage. He told me that I was ugly, useless, hated, and unwanted. When I grew up I was able to escape, but those words never left. I have gone through therapy, but the damage was done. I married a good man who helped me very much. We have two sons and I am proud that I broke the cycle of abuse. My kids will never know the kind of pain I experienced growing up.

My husband and I have since divorced, but in the years of our marriage, sex was a terrible nightmare. I was unable to forget my past as I constantly relived the rapes I experienced as a child. To this day, I will not, I cannot, live in a two story house, because I still hear the footsteps of my father coming up the stairs.

When I saw the movie, I cried and I cheered. I didn't have a village growing up, but children now, do. I am thrilled that children now have the resources necessary to begin the healing process before it’s too late. Thank you for all you do!


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