He Had Always Been a Part of the Family

On July 5th 1995 at the age of 5 my parents were killed in a house fire. Since then I have moved many times. When I was 7 my sister, brother and I went to spend Christmas at our aunt and uncle’s house. I was so happy. While there, we spent a lot of time with my brother’s manager, Mike. He had always been a part of the family. The day after Christmas we saw that he had a new camper so the kids wanted to check it out. My cousins, my sister and I asked if we could spend the night in it. When everybody was asleep, Mike came to my bedside and put his hand over my mouth. He pulled my pants down and started touching me. He put his finger inside me and whispered in my ear that if I ever told anybody he would kill me, my sister and my brother. 

The next day I told my aunt, cousin and sister. They brought me to him and he admitted to doing it, however, my aunt still told me not to say anything. As the years went by I tried to tell family members but they didn’t want to believe me. Now that I am an adult I still live with the pain but I don’t let it get to me. I stand up for myself and for my daughter. I have not seen Mike since that day.


CFC# 11571