He Was My Father and I Believed Him

My parents were never really there for me when I was young; my dad left when I was a baby and my mom was in and out of my life. When I was 6 my mom sent me to stay with my dad and his new family. Naturally, I was ecstatic. I met him, his wife, and my brothers and I liked them all. Things were great until my dad started coming into my room at night. He started touching me and eventually having sex with me. He told me that was how you loved someone. I was 6 and he was my father so I believed him. I remember lying in my room at night praying to a God I knew almost nothing about asking Him every night to keep my dad away. 

My step-mom didn't know about the abuse but I later learned that many other family members did. It hurt me to know that my family let these things happen and did nothing but try to hide it. I also learned that my dad had raped a group of other people, one of which was my aunt. After gaining my father's trust she had me stay with her for a few days. She then called my mother and they took me to a hospital where they examined me and had me talk to the police. The exam was hard to go through, but they got the evidence they needed to arrest my dad. 

I soon went back to live with my mom. I'm going to be 17 next month and still have a lot of problems. Because my abuse was never dealt with after I got away, it eventually it came back to haunt me. It is still extremely hard for me to talk about, but I am working on it because they say it will be easier to talk about in time. I am also dealing with issues stemming from a second abuse after moving back with my mother. I hope one day everything will be told and I will be able to work through it.         

I just hope that more abused kids get help faster and that the people who know about abuse have the courage and the decency to speak up so they can have the safe, happy life that every child deserves.


CFC# 11571