I am a Survivor

My father was abusive for as far back as I can remember. When he would come home from work he would beat my mother, who was a stay-at-home mom with 5 kids. My father was a responsible, hard-working immigrant who came to this country at the age of 15. He would beat my mother because he claimed that he would find the apartment a mess and the children un-kept. He decided to take her to court to prove she was an unfit mother and won custody of us, but during the process we were back and forth in foster homes. My father then took us to live in the Bronx and got remarried to our wicked stepmother. The daily routine of abuse began as my father would go to work and leave us with his wife.

The abuse would begin the minute my father left the house. We would still be in bed and our stepmother would whip us with a belt to get us up and ready for school. She would make us get dressed and have breakfast. I would be crying and she would grab me and hold me against the wall with a spoon in one hand and a knife in the other and force and threaten me to eat or she would kill me. Once, as she forced the cereal in my mouth it caused me to gag and I started to throw up and cry. With the knife in her hand, she wielded it at me and I got so scared she stabbed me in the arm. As I cried and begged for her to stop, she grabbed a soiled pamper that belonged to my infant sister and proceeded to make a sandwich with feces and told me if I did not eat my cereal I would have to eat the sandwich. The abuse continued throughout the years until I was 15 and she left. I believe I am a survivor and want to be able to help or reach out to children.


CFC# 11571