I love You Meggy

I had a friend, a best friend. Her name was Meggy. I would go over to Meggy's house all the time and we would have fun, just the two of us. Her mom would often come out of the bedroom scared and for a while, I didn't know why. Meggy's father was a drinker, a heavy drinker, and when he was drunk he would yell and scream and throw things at Meggy and her mom. To get help her mom would go and hide somewhere and call my mother for help. Mom and I would drive over at increasing speeds to pick them up and run. Meggy would get so scared that she would cry herself to sleep and her mother the same. Meggy and her mom moved away and now they are safe.       

I will never forget what I have seen and heard from a drunk man again. Neither will my best friend, her mom, or my family. But because we got help I will never have to again. She's still my best friend and always will be. I love you Meggy.


CFC# 11571