I Wish I Knew I Could Tell

I am an adult now, but when my brother and I were kids my dad used to beat us. He would say that he was spanking us, but he hit us hard enough to leave bruises on us even if he hit us on the butt. I think he also did it out of anger because he would go too far. I think it is because his parents used to beat him when he was a kid.

When I was little I didn't know I could tell someone I was being abused because I didn't know it was illegal. My dad punched my brother in the face a few times. When my brother was 17 he pressed charges against my dad. When I was 15 I told the school counselor about my dad punching my brother and hitting us hard enough to leave bruises, but she did not do anything about it. All she did was call my dad and the next day she told me, "He seems like a nice guy," and did not tell the anyone about it. I tried to get help, but it did not work that time. My dad would usually hit us with a belt or a wooden back scratcher. He would hit us way too hard, and some times it would be for no reason, like just because I didn't want to go swimming. Parents who abuse kids usually brainwash them into thinking that it is okay for them to hurt their child, so they will not tell anyone about it. I wish I would have known when I was a child that I could tell someone. After my dad hit us he would tell my brother and me that it was just between us, so that we would not tell anyone else.

My dad would also try to use the old testament of the bible as an excuse to hurt us, but when I was old enough to read the bible for myself I found out that the new testament says this in Ephesians 6:4 "Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord."

And Jesus talked a lot about being kind to others, so I am pretty sure beating kids is not biblical in the new testament.

I love my dad and I forgive him. Now that I am an adult I would like to help stop child abuse, so what happened to my brother and I will not happen to other children.


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