My Little Makhi

My grandson, Makhi, was 6 months old when my daughter let him stay with his father for the weekend.  On Oct 9th, 2010 he physically abused my grandson. He fracture his skull in 2 places, caused a spiral fracture on his right thigh, there were human bites throughout his body and toenails, fingernails, and bruises on his face and on his body.  After fighting with the DA, charges were filed.  Time after time we would leave the court house in anger, tears and with a lot of questions, such as how in the world can they not charge him with attempted murder?  My grandson was 6 months old; he didn't ask for this to happen to him, all he can do is cry.  

The neighbor on the first level of the apartment heard my grandson crying all day Saturday and all day Sunday but did nothing.  After months of going to court my grandson’s father took a plead from the DA which was only 4 years in state prison.  We had no say in this; it felt like a slap in the face.  Makhi is 16 months old now and is doing fine. He struggles with behavior issues, such as aggression, but we are working with him on this and with the prayers and continue support from our family and friend he will be fine.  As a grandmother, I never thought this would happen to my family and now I feel in my heart to help other families and children.


CFC# 11571