My Son’s Fight For Survival

My son was shaken by his biological father when he was three months old. He was a stay at home dad while I worked and took online courses. He would never let my parents take him because he would tell me that they wanted to take him from us (which was not true), he also wanted to move us out of state away from every one we knew so it would just be us three.

On April 9, 2008 he shook our son so hard that when he got him to the hospital (which was only five minutes away) he did not have a pulse. Through the nurses and doctors hands, God brought my son back to life. They flew him out to T.C. Thomson in TN and told me that he would not make it through the night. My ex husband tried to say it was a pre-existing condition and that he choked on his bottle. After seven months in the hospital, my son was released to the care of my aunt and uncle due to the investigation that was going on at the time. I was granted custody back and, nearly two years later, my ex-husband was found guilty of five felonies and was sentenced to 40 years.

My son is now three and a half years old and has severe brain damage. He is trach dependent and has to be fed through a G- tube, as well as having hundreds of little seizures a day. He goes to school and has learned to smile and laugh, but has no control over his leg and limited control in his arms.


CFC# 11571