Scared Out of My Mind

I was born into a family that was very well known in my town. I have three siblings; two sisters and a brother. My parents fought often and it always seemed to be about me. No matter what I did, it was never good enough. One night, I was out trick or treating with my friends when my parents pulled up next to me and told me to get in the car. I did, not knowing that this would be the worse night of my life. They immediately started yelling as I tried to block it out. When we got home I ran towards my room, scared out of my mind, but my dad caught me and dragged me out by my wrists. Soon, my mom climbed on top of me and started choking me. My dad hit me and I blacked out. I woke up on the floor and crawled to my room. I looked in the mirror and started crying. 

The next day, friends told me to get help so I went to talk to the school counselor. She called DHS but they could not do anything because my younger sister would not report anything. This went on for 18 years and my parents never got in trouble. When I turned 18 I moved away to escape from the pain yet I still suffer. I have not talked to my parents since I left and I will never talk to them again. I hope to adopt abused and neglected children and help anyway I can because I don’t want them to grow up like I had to. This chain stops with me.


CFC# 11571