Screaming in Silence

From the time I was 6 until the age of 17 I was sexually, physically and emotionally abused. I spent a lot f time with my mother’s family and my older cousin. He started touching me and following me around. That changed after my parents divorced and my mother and I moved in with my grandmother and my cousin. He was a drug addict and still is. If he couldn’t pay for his drugs he would trade me for them. Soon it turned from him molesting me to him and three of his friends. They did so many things to me. They took turns molesting me, they locked me in a trunk, tied me to a tree, one of them even cut me with a knife on the side of my neck. I remember begging them to stop. For years I felt like I was screaming it in silence but I knew it was out loud. My parents never knew. I wish I would have told someone much sooner. 

At the age of 11 it reached the ultimate level. I was given a mildly spike drink, placed into the back of a car and gang raped. I never told anyone. I've always been old for my age and I never showed a single sign. After I turned 13 I lost all of the care I had left. I started to party, sneak out and drink. I experimented with pills and still suffered through more molestation from one of the four guys. I finally had enough.          

I left all of it behind. I stared to date my current boyfriend of two years who makes me his world. I’m in high school with a high GPA. I plan on teaching Kindergarten. Finally I’m safe. I’m almost done with high school. I've completed therapy and I've gotten the best help and support imaginable. Even after all of the things I've been through I’m here. I’m healthy. I’m happy. And I’m NEVER giving up hope for a better future for every child who is suffering from abuse. I want to make a difference and some day I WILL.


CFC# 11571