She Didn’t Realize He Was a Horrible Person

My story begins when I was a little girl and my mother started dating a man that would beat me. In the beginning he would just slap my face, but as the days grew longer it started getting worse. One day I came home and said “hi.” He handcuffed me to a chair and put soap down my throat until I started gagging. I hated going home after that day. Days would get longer and he would always find something else to do to hurt me. He would beat me with a belt until there were marks on my legs. At first he would use the normal end to hit me, but then began using the end with the buckle. He soon moved from hitting my legs to hitting my hands, but I used to move so much he would end up hitting my arms. It hurt so much I could feel the sting each time he hit me. He thought it was funny to take off my clothes and make me walk around the house in my underwear. I was so afraid of him. On days that he was mad he would grab me by the hair and punch me till I blacked out. Once he even drop-kicked me because I did not do what he said. It took over 5 years for my mom to realize he was a horrible person. I am happy he’s gone but the memories still hit me now and then. It hurts still inside.


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