Shh It’s A Secret..

As a child I had to be strong, otherwise I wouldn’t be here to tell you my story. My childhood reminds me of what hell must be like. I remember as early as the age of 4, my father was doing many things to me; I thought because he loved me, this was his way of saying it to me. I want to go into detail, because it is sickening. I got beat every day, with whatever was there. I got beat in front and back, as I the blood hit the ceiling. I would look at my parents who where holding my legs open, and remember my mom saying ...You get what you deserve, you little b****. I'm only 6, when after my beating I'm placed in hot water for 30 mins, because of all the blood. Then they would dry me off, pour alcohol all over me, and tell me not to scream. If I did, well, I’d get beat again. After this they would put a robe on me and take me deep in the woods, remove the robe, and tie me to the tree naked because the boogieman doesn’t like clothes. I always would pray that GOD would help me and I always got free. My brothers and I were tortured for many years. My mom loved to take me to the grave yard and would pull a couple of hand full’s of hair pulling me out the car, then she would leave me there, laughing like a demon. I would find a big angel and hide there. I was made to dig my grave sometimes until 2:00 in the morning. I never knew if I would live one day to the next. We were always told no one would ever miss us. HRS tried to remove me 7 times, before going to court my dad always said if I turned him in, he would hunt me down like a dog and kill me slowly. Also it (HRS) was nothing like today. I remember every time HRS came I was going to be beat to no end. When my dad would get tired he would make us beat each other. Me… well I was the only one who couldn’t beat my brothers so I got it worse. My brothers would beg me to hit them but I would just pee on myself. After my dad left at age 8, my mom’s boyfriend started raping me and my twin, along with abuse. I watched my mom repeatedly trying to kill herself, have orgies, abuse drugs and booze. I've seen things many people will never see in their lifetime. My animals were killed while I watched. I was raped by my brothers, neighbors and supposedly friends. My therapist even told me how to kill my mom’s boyfriend once; again I could never hurt that never happened. Today I’m 50, my youngest brother on death row, because he became a serial killer. My oldest brother went to jail for murder and spent 17 years in prison. He was killed 6 yrs later. My twin had anger problems and moved away. I ended up being a single mom of four. Two I had and two I adopted from the state after I put my adopted children’s dad in prison for molesting kids at their elementary school. It’s been tough, but am glad I don’t ever have to be a kid again, only at heart smile Today I have put 11 away (child molesters) and have turned in many for child abuse. You see I look at it this way; we are who we are because of our past. All of our compassion, love and above all, forgiveness, were learned through the hell we experienced. Not to sit and stew but to help someone who has been in or is still in this hell. WE know the pain....Help a child PLEASE.


CFC# 11571