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Childhelp Wings logo Childhelp Wings is a program designed to INSPIRE, EMPOWER, ENGAGE and EQUIP youth and young adults to join Childhelp in the prevention and treatment of child abuse.

Abuse takes on many forms; physical, sexual, emotional, as well as the abuse that youth face today in the form of bullying and dating violence. Childhelp Wings members become advocates for themselves and others to stop all abuse that affects children.

Members strengthen their schools and communities by raising awareness about the issues and types of abuse that affect children and youth, as well as organize small fundraisers that support the lifesaving programs and services that Childhelp provides to those in need.

What does a Wings Ambassador of Hope do?

Wings Ambassadors are individuals or groups who:

  • Are inspired to make a difference in their school or community
  • Empower themselves through education on the signs of abuse, bullying and violence
  • Engage others to join them in the mission using their voice to speak up against abuse
  • Are equipped with resources, providing solutions to those in need

Wings ambassadors enjoy the fun and creativity of planning their own awareness and fundraising events, and in addition participate in nationally sanctioned initiatives including:

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Member Spotlight

Jasmin Felix, Colton, Ca

At my school I came to the conclusion that there were very few people who realize how serious child abuse is. I hear students around me making jokes about it, not understanding what a serious issue it is. For my Senior project, I thought I would do something that would help bring awareness to as many people as I can, I decided to run a child abuse awareness bracelet fundraiser. I designed the bracelets with 5 golden strings which represent the 5 children that die every day from abuse and neglect, the bracelets are then wrapped with blue ribbon around them and an awareness charm is placed in the center. Accompanied by every bracelet sold is a written explanation of the bracelets meaning and purpose. The inscription reads:

“Everyday 5 children die from being abused in some way or being neglected. Every child is someone, someone who needs attention, love, and to be cared for, someone who does not want to suffer from any kind of abuse. The goal of my project is to bring awareness to everyone about the children around the globe who have been victims of abuse. Help me achieve my goal by wearing one of my Child Abuse Awareness bracelets. Each bracelet has 5 strands each strand representing the 5 children that die every single day, the blue ribbon represents awareness and an awareness charm rests in the middle. Wear one of my bracelets to let everyone around know that those children who have suffered from abuse are not forgotten.”

Through this project I was able to bring awareness to this serious and important issue, and achieve my donation goal! All of the profits made were donated to Childhelp and its life saving services!

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