Arizona Gives Day is April 7th!

Childhelp is participating in Arizona Gives Day scheduled for Tuesday, April 7, 2020. Similar to Giving Tuesday, Arizona Gives Day is an opportunity to participate in a 24-hour philanthropic event whereby individuals and corporations can make an online contribution to a nonprofit organization/s of their choice. Arizona Gives Day is in its third year of implementation, and is hosted by Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and Arizona Grantmakers Forum.

We are asking you for your assistance in promoting this philanthropic event and supporting Childhelp. A few ways in which you can assist are:

  1. Make a contribution on Childhelp’s Arizona Gives Day profile page. Schedule a contribution in advance of Arizona Gives Day and make sure the “charge date” is set for April 7, 2020.
  2. Spread the news. Please pass along this email to five individuals who you know that are interested in supporting our mission, and represent the five children that die each day in this nation from child abuse and neglect.
  3. Become a fundraiser. Create your own fundraising page in support of Childhelp for Arizona Gives Day. For more information about how to create your own fundraising page, please go to Childhelp’s Arizona Gives Day profile page.

Thank you for partnering with Childhelp to make a difference in the lives of children that we serve. Your support of Childhelp’s mission helps advance the work that we do. Thank you for being part of the Childhelp family and encouraging others to join in our efforts.