A Coast-to-Coast Christmas with Childhelp

What are you up to for the holidays? Baking cookies? Decorating the tree? Cozying up next to a fire? Well, here at Childhelp we have been working hard to bring the entire family together for a coast-to-coast Christmas, complete with joyful music, tasty treats, a heart of thanksgiving, and festive celebrations – all for the love of a child. Though we may not be as quick as Santa Clause, throughout the month of December we have been diligent to sprinkle festivity across the map.

Firstly, we are a big advocate of toys! Children in our care undergo an intensive and exhausting process that would wear down even the strongest of adults, and so, one way in which we allow these youthful spirits to be refreshed is the simple gift of a toy  – the chance to play in their innocence and enjoy life as they should. This holiday season we held a national Childhelp Toy Drive and the  14th Annual Toy Run to support the children at the Childhelp Alice C Tyler Village.

Then, our Childhelp chapters never fail to shower the season with sparkling glimmers of Christmas spirit. The Childhelp Greater Los Angeles Wonderland event saturated families in cheer and celebration, while the younger generation of Childhelp’s family in our Phoenix Wings Chapter spent time serving the community with activities like gift wrapping.

Within our programs, the kids in Childhelp’s California and Virginia Treatment Facilities even get involved, helping throw holiday parties for their communities that included performances of dancing, singing, and eating together. Children at the Childhelp Alice C. Tyler Village  also partnered with the Salvation Army and rang bells outside of stores to collect money for others who are in need. Meanwhile, in Arizona, the Childhelp Community Center hosted their annual Winterfest where Santa Clause paid a visit along with plenty of other Christmas celebratory activities. Children from the same program will spend a day with Luke Air Force Base exploring the many adventures on base later in the month. In Tennessee, both the Childhelp Children’s Center of East Tennessee and Childhelp Foster Care & Adoption Services held holiday celebrations that brought the community together for a Frozen Disney-themed party.

We are humbled by the many opportunities brought our way to celebrate alongside communities throughout the country and take part in their holiday season. Thank you to those who have joined us thus far, and we invite you who have not – now is the time! Attend a Childhelp event, help fund the needs of our children, or take on the title of “Childhelper” and become a monthly donor. And whatever you may choose, we thank you in advance. Happy holidays to all!