Q&A with Childhelp Alice C. Tyler Village

Across 270 acres of naturally lush, inviting land, the Childhelp Alice C. Tyler Village in Lignum, Virginia, has provided a healing home environment for abused, neglected and at-risk children since 1993. In a community atmosphere, the Village houses as many as 67 children from 5 to 14 years of age.

Amanda Clark, who is the Director of Business Development at the Village (just outside of Washington, D.C.), was kind enough to update us on the latest events happening at the Alice C. Tyler Village (ACTV) as well as what makes the program unique and beneficial.


  1. Tell us about the Village and the affect it can have on America’s youth

The Alice C. Tyler Village of Childhelp in Virginia is a residential inpatient psychiatric program for younger aged children who reside in VA, WV, and PA. We help families and localities by housing their children who suffer from behavioral and psychiatric disturbances as a result of trauma, abuse or neglect and in some cases developmental issues, for an average of 10 months. The children we serve are able to live on the most beautiful residential campus setting that exists while receiving therapies not readily available to others in their same capacity. These therapies include Equine. Music, Art, Animal-assisted, Horticulture, Spiritual, and Recreational. We offer a unique approach to our children that involves more individualized care and treatment in the least restrictive, home-like setting while reducing their current level of medications and teaching them a variety of techniques in managing their disorders for future independence and success. Our children are given the ability to experience things they may not have in their homes, schools or in foster care and the chance to truly heal. Our success and discharge rates are some of the highest in the state and our reputation remains solid for being one of the most respected providers of residential treatment across our service area.

  1. How has it been going so far? Have people been open to helping make an impact?

I am the Director of Business Development at ACTV. As DBD my role involves contract negotiation, market and insurance research and analysis, growth, census development, conference participation, marketing, relationship building, service recovery, advertising, and much more. I have received nothing but positive feedback and praise for almost the 2 years I have been a part of this team regarding our care and the success of almost all the children who discharge from our program. I am reminded at every presentation I provide in the community that my love and belief in our program and company shines as I speak. Localities across Virginia have been very open to inviting me into their agencies to make these presentations and our agency has been invited to participate and sit on various boards regarding child welfare and advocacy issues and on planning committees for symposiums held across the state on topics involving the age group we serve.

  1. What drew you to become involved with Childhelp?

Childhelp’s non-profit status and philosophy drew me to this role. The mission, the history, the legacy The Ladies leave behind is one I am quite proud to be a part of in believe in whole-heartedly. The ACTV of Childhelp is a remarkable, magical place where special things happen and where days that were once dim and dark for our children give way to light and hope once again.

  1. What makes your program unique in the child abuse prevention landscape?

The ACTV of Childhelp is a program created to treat children who have suffered from abuse and neglect. Our therapeutic modalities help aide the children we serve in healing from such abuse and preventing future occurrences. We are very involved in assisting our localities at discharge with foster care and adoption placements and integrate the meeting of these new families and homes into our children’s therapy prior to them leaving our Village. We offer family therapy to every child who resides with us as well.

  1. If a group is interested in getting more information, how can they contact you?

For more information, please contact Amanda Clark, Director of Business Development via email or phone at aclark@childhelp.org or 540-846-7807. Kelley Hackley, Director of Admissions, should be contacted regarding any direct referral or admission information at khackley@childhelp.org or 540-399-5073.


We appreciate Amanda helping tell the Childhelp Impact story and how children in need are being helped!