Therapy Horse Wins “Hero Award”

Have you ever seen a miniature horse that wears tiny little shoes?

Well, the children at the Childhelp Children’s Center of Arizona get to see one each Thursday.

Raleigh, a certified therapy horse, visits the center each week as a way to help the kids take their minds off of real world issues and enter into a world where it is just the horse and them, walking side by side throughout the center, braiding its mane, or feeding it treats.

Mini Angel Eyes and Raleigh’s handler Joey Ogburn do a great service to those in need by “visiting facilities and homes serving abused and at-risk children, veterans, hospitals, senior centers, and more.”

“It really takes their mind off of why they’re there. Or what they might have to face in the near future,” Ogburn said about bringing the miniature horse to the Children’s Center.

Thanks to the impact Raleigh and Joey have had on those in need, the Friends of Animal Care and Control will honor Raleigh with their yearly “Hero Award.” It is also the first to go to a horse.

“Raleigh is actually our very first horse. Historically we’ve honored dogs and cats. So very excited to be able to bring attention to some of the great work mini horses are doing, ” said Leanna Taylor, Executive Director of Friends of Animal Care and Control.

“We see unfortunately so many instances of abuse and neglect in the community but it’s really the animals that have risen up above that to contribute and give back to the community.”

For everything that Raliegh has been through over the last 10-plus years, it’s something that was well deserved said his handler.

“I don’t know anyone who deserves it more than Raleigh. He works really hard.”


You watch the full CBS 5 video segment here.