Founders’ Update: Future Planning For the Love of a Child

From the desk of Sara & Yvonne

Plan for what it is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.
―Sun Tzu

Planning for the future can bring up a lot of emotions. Some find it stressful and scary, while others feel it can be proactive and comforting. Fortunately, no matter what end of the spectrum you are on, preparing for tomorrow has just gotten a little easier with FreeWill. And we all like the word FREE, right?

When we set goals for tomorrow with simple, straightforward tools, we can ensure that today’s smaller task can make tomorrow’s big difference for a child in need.

Important Reasons to Make a Will 

  • Protecting children and family members (the most important thing!)

  • Determining who will manage your estate
  • Saving family members future stress
  • Dividing assets and property fairly
  • Considering the care of pets (a major Childhelp must!)
  • Leaving instructions for your digital assets
  • Getting in front of possible family misunderstandings
  • Providing funeral instructions
  • Supporting the causes you care deeply about (we hope you’ll consider the futures of the children of Childhelp!)

FreeWill, which has been featured in Forbes and Oprah’s 31 Best Ways to Make a Difference, is partnering with Childhelp to make estate planning free and accessible for our donors, teams and volunteers. It’s all about peace of mind.

Nearly 70% of Americans don’t have an updated will. This technique removes the expensive legal costs associated with writing a will, and takes 20 minutes or less to complete. It is a free legal will and a gift is not required.

Over 280,000 Americans have written free wills using this easy tool to create documents like a living will (also known as Advanced Healthcare Directive) or Financial Power of Attorney. You can join them in cementing your legacy of love with Childhelp by creating an optional gift that can help victims of child abuse gain the freedom of independence and the will to move on towards brighter futures.

Consider creating an optional legacy gift. Legacy gifts support Childhelp for generations to come, and cost nothing today. Whether or not you make this gift, know that this resource is completely free to use.

Claim your free will. If you have any questions about FreeWill, please contact Michael Medoro at Thank you for planning with heart!