The Heart Part: Meet Catherine

The Heart Part

Interview with Catherine (whose name was changed for privacy)

Digital Marketing Specialist at Childhelp National Headquarters


Purposeful. Impassioned. Determined. Heartfelt.

Only a few words to describe the employees here at Childhelp who come together – day in and day out – and under a single aspiration: to do everything within their power to help each child heal and develop self-esteem to reach their God-given potential. The mission is powerful. It grabs you, you rise with it; it becomes part of your DNA. This month, we pause to appreciate the loyalty, humility and compassion that our team shares; because we know that the hard part would never get done if it weren’t for the “heart part.”

Earlier this week we met Liz, a hotline counselor. Today we talk to digital marketing specialist, Catherine, who has been with Childhelp for a year and a half. She found the organization online and was in tears as she looked at the stats about child abuse. She kept thinking that many of these children were the same age as her granddaughter.

  1. What does your day here at Childhelp look like?

I work at national headquarters in the marketing department. I have a broad knowledge of digital concepts so I can help present information online about our mission in a way that is easy for people to digest and make them want to get involved with what we do. Talking about child abuse isn’t easy, so you have to balance reality with shock value to share information in a real but compelling way. One hundred percent of my day is spent supporting our chapters and volunteers, our programs, services, and other national departments. It’s a high-level of drive and team play, which I love. Only five cents of every dollar raised goes to marketing and administrative costs, you can imagine that we are super busy and hit the ground running every single day! But it’s worth it.

  1. Why do you do what you do?

 These are our kids. I do what I do because I am not a therapist or a cop and this is the only way that I know how to help. I also felt such a strong personal connection when I first learned about the organization, thinking about my own granddaughter that I couldn’t stop myself from joining the team.  I just had to help.

  1. What has been a memorable experience at Childhelp?

 I’m also a photographer and had the chance to do a photo session with kids from one of our programs, a professional football team, and a local sponsor.  It was a football camp and it was amazing to see all of these kids having a blast. When taking photos, you always have to be ready to improvise and adjust based on the situation, but I wasn’t emotionally prepared for being told that I couldn’t photograph the kids’ faces because we had to protect their identity due to the sensitivity of their situations. Thinking of the really hard, real life situations these kids face every day made it an even greater joy to see them smiling and having fun. Even though I couldn’t capture it on camera, I knew they were experiencing true moments of happiness.

  1. What is the best part of your job?

 The best part is seeing the amount of support for the organization – financial, volunteers, services, partner agencies, our internal Childhelp team; even though we live in a chaotic world, it’s heartening to see that there are still so many good people.

  1. What is the hardest part of your job?

The hardest part is shutting off at the end of each day. There is so much that is left to do and just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

  1. Describe your colleagues in the national office.

Strong and devoted; some of the smartest people I have ever worked with are here.

  1. How would you describe Childhelp to someone who has never heard of us?

I wish you asked for my elevator speech. I have that one down. But in my own words and to someone that may not have heard about Childhelp, I’d tell this person that we’re a family that works passionately, collaboratively, with a make-no-excuses, constant champions, results-driven attitude, and we are all working toward a single goal – to save abused and neglected children from a childhood they should never have had to experience. Childhelp changes lives and we’re honored to have shepherded millions of children to safety.

Then I’d tell them to visit our website and follow us on social media!

  1. You are a mom, a grandma, and a professional. What advice would you give to other working professionals to maintain life balance?

I’m not sure there is such a thing as life balance. Some day’s things happen at work that keep you long past the 5:00 bell, and some days things happen at home that keep you from ever making it into the office. I think what is important is to realize that it’s okay when these days happen. It doesn’t mean one trumps the other, it just means you’re human and you’re following your heart. You can’t lose if you follow your heart.


Catherine is a living example that to make a difference in the world you don’t need a specific profession, rather you simply need the loyalty, humility, and compassion to put others before yourself. Whether that is found in our grandparents or a digital marketing specialist, remember to be thankful for those around you who bring a little bit of heart to the hard parts of life.

In a few days, we’ll be interviewing Caitlin, a Therapist with our Advocacy Center in Phoenix, Arizona. So, keep your eyes out for the link on our social media!