Help a survivor through the Childhelp Critical Relief Fund

COVID-19 teaches us a precious lesson: To hold our loved ones close. Sadly, thousands of children are held at home with an abuser.

While the COVID-19 pandemic keeps teachers, Sunday school workers, children’s service workers and police officers from seeing abuse to report, children face abuse nonetheless. The 31% increase in calls to the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline and 23% increase in texts from students show it.

Vonda McGill, the Director of the Childhelp Children’s Advocacy Center of Tennessee shared that, “Anytime we have an extended illness or inclement weather break, the rise in cases our forensic interviewers conduct doesn’t happen in the hours following the disruption, but the cases come in the weeks and months following. We know from history that children are being abused right this very minute and we’re ready to help them.”

We need to act now to prevent this coronavirus pandemic from being a child abuse pandemic. 

Thank you for preparing us for what lies ahead with your prayers and actions. Now we need your prayer and action again in the fight for safer children. Help friends and neighbors understand the child abuse pandemic that is coming, and help child survivors.  

You are the lifeblood of Childhelp.

We welcome you to start or support a fundraising team through our Critical Relief Fund and share it through social media, community groups, church groups, friends and family. The Critical Relief Fund is an organization-wide campaign to replace funds not raised at cancelled or postponed events. It will provide resources to ensure high quality services and care to the at-risk, neglected and abused children we love and serve.

Visit and click “Become a Fundraiser.” Register as an individual, create your own team, or join a team in about 5 simple steps.

We helped heal more than 10 million children over sixty years, and our team of more than 600 Childhelp employees has never been more united and committed in the fight against the epidemic of child abuse. Pray with us, invest with us, fight with us to ensure that 60 years from now a future generation can say — We ended child abuse in America … “For the Love of a Child.”