In Thanksgiving for Our Volunteers

In Thanksgiving for Our Volunteers

You do not have to be here—you’ve other places to be.
Some of you have reached the stage where all your time is free.
You’ve others counting on you, both family and friends
Who seek out your fine wisdom, and your help that never ends.

You  do not have to be here—your time is all your own.
You could be reading novels, or talking on the phone.
You could be taking Tai Chi, or clogging on a stage,
Or taking a class in Tuscany with parsley, thyme and sage.

Instead, you’re helping children in strange and wondrous ways:
Discovering Twain, or Dr. Seus;  practicing turkey-day plays;
Hanging ghosts or goblins, or sparkling up a tree—
So many Village smiles come from what you do, you see.

You do not have to be here—but we are blessed you come.
You do a thousand treasured tasks that make this system hum.
You do it with no payment, no bonus and no fee
And we send you all our gratitude:  We’re Thankful as can be!

Judith Downer Renteria