Jen Lilley Talks Fostering a Child with Childhelp

Jen Lilley, one of our Childhelp Celebrity Ambassadors, starred in ‘A Dash of Love,’ a Valentine’s Day special on the Hallmark Channel. In a pre-release interview with Hallmark, Lilley talked about her new movie, life aspirations, and being a Childhelp foster parent to a cute baby boy!

In the below interview, Jen talked about the process and how she juggles her crazy life and a new baby.

Interviewer: You do something very special and near to your heart you and your husband live with a special little person, don’t you?

Lilley: Yes we’re foster parents.

Interviewer: Tells us about this.

Lilley: Fostering is amazing. There are so many children in the United States that need parents. We are foster parents and Los Angeles and San Bernardino make up 10% of the US foster kids and orphans, so that’s why we got involved. For anyone interested in fostering, you can totally do it. If I can do it and I’ve got a million jobs – AirBNB, acting, singing, children books, being here, which I love – you can totally do it. Go to for more information. They are the most legit charity on the face of the world. They’re amazing.”


Jen was kind enough to talk with Childhelp afterward about her fostering experience and what motivated her to impact the life of a child who needed a loving family.

Childhelp: How did you decide to become a foster parent and how has the experience been so far?

Lilley: Growing up, our home was a safe house for those in need, so I always had a heart for fostering. Being a foster parent is one of the most rewarding acts of love.  Like any parent knows, there are moments where it’s the most difficult adventure you’ve ever taken, but a journey you wouldn’t trade for the world.

Childhelp: What was the process like to become a foster parent? 

Lilley: You can certified as quickly or as slowly as you need.  My hubby and I both have very demanding work schedules, but we were eager to get certified, and were able to get our license in 3 months.  We chose to get certified through Childhelp’s FFA [Foster Family and Adoption] program because it requires the highest level of vetting.  I truly believe the broken foster care system would be fixed if evil people becoming foster parents simply to take the foster childrens’ subsidization money were weeded out of the licensing process due to higher standards.  Certification through an FFA requires parenting classes, CPR and first aid training, child proofing your home, background checks, letters of recommendation, and a loving heart.

Childhelp: What has been the biggest joy? Biggest struggle?

Lilley: The greatest joy is knowing our love will have a ripple effect in each foster child’s life. The biggest struggle has been watching our modern home slowly morph into a Babies R Us. haha!  

We know Jen and her husband will look after and take care of their foster child and it will receive the love and support it needs to flourish later in life. Thank you for taking a leap of faith and impacting someone less fortunate.

You are truly living out the Childhelp Mission.

You can watch the entire interview below. Jen starts talking about being a foster parent at the 6:30 mark.



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