Lake of the Woods Auxiliary Impact.

The Lake of the Woods Auxiliary was formed in 1996. Located just a few miles from the Alice C. Tyler Village, volunteer efforts are unique in that this chapter provides direct, personal support for the children residing at the Village. Besides cooperation with other volunteer groups to help make the Village’s holiday parties a success, the Auxiliary participates in special enrichment programs for individual children on a one-to-one basis, including Birthday Baskets, a Library Program, and the Special Friends initiative.

Lake of the Woods Auxiliary makes a substantial and extraordinary impact in the lives of neglected and abused children throughout Virginia. But they don’t do it alone; it takes a village.


Lake of the Woods Auxiliary Officers.

Judy Mayfield


Candy O'Donnell

1st Vice President/Corresponding Secretary

Robbie Royce

1st Vice President

Margie Stratford

1st Vice President

Debbie Risseeuw

1st Vice President/Nominating Chair

Karen Woods

2nd Vice President

Diane Ogranovitch

2nd Vice President

Carole McGuire

Recording Secretary

Joy Lewkowski


Anna Soltis

Corresponding Secretary

Jill Humphries

Membership Chair/Nominating Chair

Laura Fitch

Nominating Chair/Publicity

Leslie Andricos

Nominating Chair/Duffle Bags

Nancy Horch

Nominating Chair/Library

Wade Hardman

Village Liaison

Maureen Francis

Hospitality Co-Chair

Carolyn Gordon

Hospitality Co-Chair

Chris Calleja

Day of Hope Chair

Karen Kovarik

Special Events

Judy Swarthout

Birthday Baskets

Jackie Burden

Birthday Baskets

Linda Noggle

Reading Buddies

Pat Almany

Reading Buddies

Stacy Kalder

Duffle Bags

Jeannie Dietz

Pillow Cases/Blankets

Ann Nadwodny

Pillow Cases/Blankets

Barbara Robinson

Pillow Cases/Blankets

Beth Thomas


Sharon Kuhlman

Volunteer Hours

JoAnn Desilets

Flower Fund

Mary Lou McFarland

Stage 4

Mary Short

Stage 4

Donna Stanford

Stage 4

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