School Staff

The Childhelp School of Village West is fully staffed with highly qualified teachers, administrators and other professionals and paraprofessionals. Each of our classrooms is taught by a fully certified teacher with a special education certificate, and many have additional credentials including mild/moderate, moderate/severe, and autism specialization. Each classroom also has two classroom aides, not counting any one-on-one aides who may have been assigned to a student in the classroom, to maintain our student to teacher ratio and ensure that every student can be effectively supervised and supported, allowing all students to be successful.

Brian PolstonPrincipal
Edward MuwwakkilBehavior Management Supervisor
Corey SpightBehavior Management Supervisor
Carlos CoronaBehavior Counselor
Rachael NewberryIndependent Living Skills Coordinator
Susan McNally
Teacher – Classroom 2
Sue Ellen Mackey
Teacher – Classroom 4
James Bice
Teacher – Classroom 9