Year end

In America, a report of child abuse is filed every 10 seconds.

Each calls for an investigation, and that means a child needs to be interviewed.

Because of the generosity of donors like you, children like Emily feel empowered to share their stories, to document the abuse that they've suffered. They see Childhelp as a safe place and that's because Dallas - our Goldendoodle - is there to be with them while they talk with a forensic investigator.

Your year-end contribution will directly support Childhelp's comprehensive approach to ending child abuse and neglect.

Your gift to Childhelp is 100% tax-deductible, and it shows that you believe in Childhelp, the important work we do, and the children who need us. Unfortunately we need you now more than ever. Make your gift today!

Thanks to donors like you, Childhelp has helped nearly 10 million children since 1978. But there are more that need our help. Please renew your support and help us end the cylce of abuse and neglect.

Let's make sure that children everywhere always have a lifeline to safety in Childhelp.