Protect a Child with a Prevention Education Scholarship

Intervening effectively in the lives of children victimized by abuse, bullying and neglect is not the sole responsibility of one individual agency or professional group, but rather is a shared community concern and requires a shared community effort. That is what the Childhelp Prevention Education Scholarship Program is all about!

 The Childhelp Prevention Education Scholarship Program was established to help motivate communities to directly impact and protect the lives of children in their community.  Beyond the primary goal of keeping children safe, and improving their overall well-being, the Scholarship program was established to help bring the life-saving programs of Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe to schools around the Nation. Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe trains child educators to recognize, teach and intervene when children are not able to develop or benefit fully from their educational  and community opportunities as a result of child abuse, bullying or neglect. Through Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe, child educators are certified to detect indicators that may signify that a child is being mistreated, and to instruct their students how to recognize these indicators and intervene through peer mediation and community support.

45% of schools receiving Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe in their school and community have disclosed some form of abuse, bullying or neglect in their life, and have received intervention services to improve their safety and well-being. As leaders in their communities, child educators are often in an ideal position to initiate the type of community teamwork necessary to improve the safety and well-being of a child, and the Childhelp Prevention Education Scholarship is your opportunity to join the team and make a difference in the life of a child in need.

Through the Childhelp Prevention Education Scholarship Program, you can financially assist the curriculum delivery and protection for early childhood through high school age students across the Nation.  Five dollars ($5) covers the annual cost for one (1) student to receive the complete Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe curriculum. This includes complete teacher/facilitator training and certification, complete curriculum instruction and materials, and community/take-home activities necessary for parents and educators to combat the problem of child abuse, bullying and neglect in their school, in their home and in their community.

For more information please review the Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe Curriculum and/or contact Michael Medoro, Chief Development Officer, at