Pledge Your Birthday

Pledge Your Birthday and turn “Getting” into “Giving”

We cherish individuals that take it upon themselves to make a positive impact toward stopping abuse. It takes many, many hands to uncover the secrets that hold so many children captive and to offer a chance at healing and hope.

Birthdays come around every year and with them, so do beautifully wrapped and tagged gifts. And while receiving gifts on your birthday is an honor, so isn’t giving one. Did you know many people chose to celebrate their milestones by supporting abused and neglected children? A Birthday fundraiser is a celebration that everyone involved can feel great about!

All you do is ask your friends and family to donate to Childhelp and dedicate your big day to a good cause. It’s that simple.

Take a look at our helpful tips and materials and see just how simple it is to pledge your birthday to an abused child in need. Start planning your next birthday now!