Sponsored Slim Increase Your Impact

Sponsored Slim

Get more bang for your buck by including perks and added incentives for participating in the Sponsored Slim!

Raffle – Add a raffle ticket to the list of benefits of participating in the Sponsored Slim. Employees who make their donation in order to participate will also receive a free raffle ticket for a raffle to be held on the last day of the fundraiser.

Offer ticket purchases to non-participating employees to help meet your fundraising goal, too. Possible raffle items: Paid time off; Take a long lunch with a work buddy; Gift cards; Lunch with a senior staff member; celebratory cake – whatever you’d like!

Gift Matching – Studies show that people are more likely to make a donation when they know it will be matched. Consider asking your company to match all donations made toward your Sponsored Slim campaign.

Milestone Bonus – Choose a weight loss milestone (ex: 5lbs lost) and once a participant has reached this set marker they’ll receive additional benefits for participating. If you’ve thrown in a prize to increase participation, maybe that’s extra raffles tickets or consider an extra 30 minutes added on to their lunch break to fit in a quick gym session!


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