Join Us and the Orange County Chapter of Childhelp

May 12, 2022

Thank you to all who participated as donors to our event in 2021. With your generous support and commitment to Childhelp, we were able to raise over $410,000 for the children served by the programs of Childhelp.

The Childhelp Rich Saul Memorial Golf Classic, organized by the Orange County Chapter of Childhelp, is ranked one of the top five golf tournaments in Orange County by the Orange County Business Journal Charity Events Guide. Congratulations to all of you for making this honor possible.

This event celebrates the legacy of Rich Saul, a professional football player for the Los Angeles Rams for 12 years, and a longtime supporter of the Childhelp golf events until his passing in 2012. With Rich’s help in 2007, the Men’s Corporate Sponsor Committee was formed, and since that time, this golf event has raised over $5,800,000 – a truly HUGE impact!

Our golf event this year will be a special one, as it marks the 10th anniversary of this tournament. We will celebrate Rich’s passion and love for Childhelp and the impact his name has lent to the growth of our event these past 10 years.  

Join us at the Childhelp Rich Saul Memorial Golf Classic as we do what we can to change the lives of little ones by bringing together the Orange County community and beyond for a great day of golf, networking, and entertainment in support of the programs of Childhelp.

Childhelp Focus

Childhelp works to prevent and educate children about child abuse and neglect, and provides healing programs to help those children who have already endured sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Through the national organization of Childhelp, over 11 million children have benefited from their services and programs to date. While this is a substantial number of children who have been helped or healed, there are so many more children who need Childhelp’s services.

Childhelp provides a broad continuum of child abuse prevention and treatment programs that directly serve children and their families. This includes facilities that care for some of the nation’s most severely damaged children. Several of our programs were “first,” which continue to be studied by professionals worldwide as models that work.

Сhildhelp is proud of the fact that for each dollar expended, over 85 cents is invested into serving the children in need of our program services. If you have any questions, or need additional information about Childhelp, go to

2022 Childhelp Rich Saul Memorial Golf Classic

Monarch Beach Golf Links, Monarch Beach Resort North, Dana Point, CA, USA