One of the greatest gifts is when a child who has received care at Childhelp returns to share their health and strength with other child survivors. Over the years, we have seen many special children return “home” to share their stories of healing and to give back…stories such as Christina, who has returned to serve as Childhelp’s Public Affairs Spokesperson. We are honored that Christina shared her story and is serving as an example of hope and light to others!

How long have you been involved with Childhelp?
*Technically, I have been involved with Childhelp for over a decade!

What is your affiliation with Childhelp?
Surprisingly enough, I entered the Childhelp family as a client during my time in foster care. Childhelp raised me during my adolescent years in the Merv Griffin Village in Beaumont, CA.

Professionally, I rejoined Childhelp in early 2020 as California licensed trauma-informed Continuing Educational Trainer for direct-care and administrative staff for the residential treatment program at the Merv Griffin Village in Beaumont CA.

Most recently, I served the organization as a Public Affairs Spokeswoman, with Rebecca Cooper, who is the National Spokesperson & Vice President of Public Affairs.

All Who Enter Here Will Find Love is above each Childhelp door. What do you love about Childhelp?
The Childhelp organization has many branches and several different facets, from direct service workers to the top leadership executives. The combined effort of each player within this organization is vital to the overall well-being of the children within our programs. The collective of our individual daily commitment to protect and uplift some of the most vulnerable youth in our nation serves as a constant motivating factor for me personally and is why I hold a strong love for Childhelp at large.

What would you say to inspire a child who is struggling right now?
As your sister, a former Survivor of Child Abuse, I tell you that you are not alone; I am fighting for you! There is a whole community fighting for you to succeed! Do not let society or circumstances define you because you are so resilient and always have been. Never set barriers or limits on yourself; reach for the stars because dreams do come true, I promise!

We work to rebuild dreams for recovering children; what was your childhood dream?
Growing up in the foster care system, dreaming was a luxury not given to most of us. So, like most of the children we served, I dreamed of being loved & being protected.

My only dream now is to serve, love and protect as many foster youth as I can within my time here on this earth.

Thank you to the many who make this work possible.
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