Justice for Athletes Art Contest to Benefit Children Internationally

JFA’s support of Childhelp’s recreation and equine programs has enriched many children’s lives.  In continuing their mission Justice for Athletes in conjunction with the World Anti Doping Agency, the United Nations and various international non profit agencies, is conducting an international educational outreach program called the Culture, Education, Sports and Ethics Program, or CESEP for short. CESEP is a web based program through which children ages 6-18 throughout the world will submit artwork, poetry and/or essays on the meaning of fair play, drug free sports and international cooperation and peace. Some of the submissions will be displayed in a museum in Beijing during the Olympic Games and also published in a book.

JFA is currently reaching out to schools/organizations worldwide to encourage participation in this program. We have set up a database in cooperation with SIRC, a repository for sports information, that will provide an unlimited data base from which participants can draw materials.

Please go to the  Justice For Athletes website www.JFAonline.org.


Heather Defrancesco