Village Academy of Childhelp at the Childhelp Alice C. Tyler Village is a private school setting that provides educational services to children in K-8th grades. The philosophy of Village Academy is based on the concept that all children can make academic, behavioral, and social gains when appropriate educational experiences are provided. A range of service experiences are provided that lead to the development of skills necessary for the successful participation in a public school system.  Village Academy is the first academic step for children admitted into the Childhelp program with the primary goal being the successful integration by children into the public school setting.

Information Regarding Campus

Students admitted to the day school program shall have a current IEP.  The Education Director and Program Coordinator will review the thesis document as well as other information pertinent to making a decision of admission.

Types of documentations to be reviewed:

  • Current educational testing
  • Classroom observations
  • Current eligibility notes
  • Psychological evaluation

Once a review has been completed, the county representative will be contacted with an approval or denial, and an admission application will be distributed to the parent/guardian as needed.

Working at Childhelp is a joy knowing that I am making a difference a child's life.
-Village Academy of Childhelp School Staff