Childhelp & Watertree Health “Share The Love” to Reduce the Cost of Prescription Medication

Childhelp has partnered with Watertree Health, a leading provider of free prescription discount cards, to create a program that will provide ongoing financial support for Childhelp’s efforts to protect children from abuse, neglect and bullying.

This new program, named “Share the Love” prescription savings program, is simple and available to anyone filling a prescription in the United States. With each and every brand name and generic prescription, program participants can receive a discount of up to 75 percent. Also, Watertree Health will donate $.50 to Childhelp for each and every script discounted using this special program card.

Individuals can go to to download a pre-activated card, or request one be texted or emailed to them. The card is accepted at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, and Target as well as many additional national, regional and independent pharmacies.

In a 2010 study by Cancian, Slack & Yang entitled The Effect of Family Income on Risk of Child Maltreatment, the authors concluded that children living in families with limited economic resources are at higher risk for maltreatment and factors like poor parental mental health are known to increase the probability both of poverty and child maltreatment. Economic difficulties and interruptions in mental health medications are two areas of great concern. Anything that can be done to keep prescription costs low and treatment available is essential to building healthier and safer homes for children. Childhelp and Watertree Health are natural allies because prohibitive prescription costs can contribute to at-risk households.

“For a cause such as ours, it is important to find the right partners that share our view that the way to improve lives is by mobilizing the caring power of communities,” stated Michael Medoro, chief development officer at Childhelp. “We are impressed with Watertree Health’s commitment to addressing key social issues, such as most people in America can’t afford their medications. Promoting education, growing financial stability and independence, and improving people’s lives are values that both Childhelp and Watertree Health share, and we aim to ‘Share The Love’ together.”

Shane Power, president of Watertree Health, recognizes the importance of Childhelp. “We are very pleased to be working with this organization because their work helps to heal the lives of millions of children. We have developed programs with nonprofits like Childhelp so that they don’t have to decrease their vital services due to a lack of funds.”

The “Share The Love” campaign will bring community organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, corporate partners, health care providers and others together to increase access to affordable health care through reduced costs on prescription medication, and elevate the resources necessary to educate and protect children against the threats of bullying and abuse in their community.

Donations from “Share The Love” will help fund Childhelp’s programs like the 24/7 abuse hotline, the Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe educational curriculum, residential treatment centers and more.