We can’t imagine life without Thomas. I can’t go back in time and cradle him when he first cried, but I can make sure he’ll never be alone again. If everyone who could reached out to one child, no child would ever have to be alone again.”

For those first few weeks after I revealed what had happened I cried a lot. I screamed a lot. I stomped a lot. My family was all very supportive. My dad always told me that if I needed to scream, I should just scream, and if I needed to stomp, jump up and down, and cry, then so be it! I called these times my “upsets.”

When a child comes to you to talk about abuse they are facing, it is important to listen and act in a way to support the child and keep him…

While there is no way to know the exact risk a child faces, there are some factors for abuse and neglect risk we should be aware of:

I look in the mirror and I see someone who was a victim by fate but a survivor by choice and that person is beautiful in her own special way.