Breaking the Chain

My name is Linda and my stories of abuse are no worse or no better than every story that crosses your desk each day.  I went from child abuse to spouse abuse to self abuse. During that time I had 2 sons, I divorced their father and knowing that the chain of abuse would continue through me, I made the very very difficult decision of breaking the chain and gave custody to their father, if for no other reason than to save their lives. That was in the 70s a time when you did not give your children away, I was an outcast to any one who knew what I had done. Today, that chain is broken, I have 2 wonderful sons who understand why I did what I did, and when I lay my head down at night, I know my granddaughter has never been in safer hands.

I have been able to overcome my past and I walked into a wonderful life, I made myself successful. I have a beautiful home and a fabulous life, and I am not working at the moment, I am totally available to give my time to helping children who have walked the same road as I did. My door is open, my time is yours and my heart is open to any child that needs it. I would love to be able to help a child see that with enough love and love of self, there is nothing they can not do, I am living breathing proof. It is time to give back.