Building faith through prayer

At the Childhelp® residential facilities (the villages), the children participate in a spiritual program. It is one of many programs that help to restore them to health.

Recently, a six-year-old boy asked the chaplain, “How does God speak to you?” Chaplain, as the children affectionately call him, said that God usually spoke to him in prayer. “Okay, let’s try that,” the boy blurted out. “Right now?” the chaplain asked. “Sure,” the boy replied. The child went on to instruct the chaplain that he would have to be perfectly quiet to pray.

The two sat in perfect silence for about three minutes—an extraordinarily long time for a six-year-old child. Then the boy asked, “Did you hear him?” The chaplain had to admit that he really hadn’t heard God speaking to him during that particular prayer. The boy was astonished.

“I heard him,” he stated in a matter-of-fact way. The chaplain asked what God said to him. “God told me he loved all of the kids of the village and he wants them to be safe,” the boy replied.

Reflecting upon the incident later in the day, the chaplain realized that God had, indeed, spoken to him through the voice of a child.