I Overcame

When I was young my father was gone most of the time and my mother was someone to fear. My father was an alcoholic and my mother had mental and emotional issues which she took out on me. I was beaten daily even when I had not done anything. This during a time when nothing much was done about how parents treated their kids; during the years after WWII.

I have no memories of my mother ever saying she loved me. What I do remember is her constantly saying she hated me and was going to leave me and my father. I remember her saying she wished I had never been born; tough for a three and four year old to figure out. I went to school with cuts, scrapes and bruises and remember the teachers just shaking their head because again, nothing was done back then. I grew up with so much physical violence and verbal abuse that as I grew older my only objective each day was to make sure I could stay out of the house and out of my mothers way as much as possible.

Finally, when I turned 14, I was bigger than my mother. The last time she slapped me across the face I just stared at her and walked past her. She knew it was over and from then on I pretty much was on my own. I was ignored, which was better than being beaten, at that age and with those experiences I was not ready for the world. I got in trouble, hung around with guys much older than me, started smoking and drinking and more. I was not a good person and I had a temper. As I grew older I knew life was not going to be very good for me unless I changed my thinking about my past and as the years went on I did. Thankfully I’ve had a good life since. In my 60’s now and winding down, life is good and I have a great relationship with my own kids and grandchildren. It can be overcome! I know…I overcame!