Saving Thomas: An adoption story of hope and love

At nine months old, Thomas was alone. Born to a young mother struggling with addiction, Thomas had to be removed from his mother’s care for severe neglect and abuse.  The whereabouts of his father were unknown resulting in several stays at various foster homes.

Shawn and Kelly Hernandez came to Childhelp with the hopes that they would be able to open their home to a child in need. Recent empty nesters, the Hernandez’s were experienced parents having raised their own children who left to start their own lives.

“We’re not in this for us. We’re in it for the kids.”

Thomas joined the Hernandez family in 2008 and has been there ever since.  Thanks to their love, patience and understanding, Thomas has learned to reciprocate the affection.  In this stable and loving environment, Thomas is confident and happy – he has the freedom to just be a kid.

“He’s our son, and he’ll be our son for the rest of his life. That’s what family means.”

Childhelp works to match children in need with warm, loving families who can provide a caring and safe environment, and it is because of kind people like Shawn and Kelly that our children have hope.

“We can’t imagine life without Thomas. I can’t go back in time and cradle him when he first cried, but I can make sure he’ll never be alone again. If everyone who could reached out to one child, no child would ever have to be alone again.”


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