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Your continued generosity helped us give Tammy - a beautiful girl who was ready to have a beautiful life - the life she finally understands that she deserves.

Each year at Childhelp’s villages, hundreds of boys and girls receive the help they need to recover from abuse and neglect. Though each child has a unique story of how they came to Childhelp, what matters now is that they get a chance to have the beautiful life they deserve. You have a choice to make — to stay active in the fight against child abuse and neglect or turn away. I'm asking you to choose the former... because there are so many kids like Tammy who need our help.

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Thanks to donors like you, Childhelp has helped nearly 10 million children since 1978. But there are more that need our help. With so many living in high-risk environments these days - and with state child protective services (CPS) agencies operating beyond capacity - we have our work cut out for us. Please renew your support and help us end the cycle of child abuse and neglect. Let's make sure that children everywhere always have a lifeline to safety in Childhelp.