TwirlyGirl Donates Proceeds of Online Sales

Childhelp has partnered with TwirlyGirl to help generate awareness of abuse, neglect and how to end the cycle of abuse through prevention education. TwirlyGirl will donate 20% of shopper’s online purchase and all you need to do to help us receive this generous donation is enter promo code TGChild20. 20% of your purchase will benefit the lifesaving programs and services that Childhelp provides.

If you would like to learn more about how TwirlyGirl CEO, Cynthia Jamin found the strength to share her story and help others speak out against abuse, watch the video below. It’s a story of struggle, but above all… hope.

For more information or to see the TwirlyGirl collection, visit Be sure to enter promotion code TGChild20 to donate 20% of your purchase!