2022 Childhelp Wings Fashion Show Luncheon Committee

Childhelp is pleased to announce Jennifer Archuleta and Jamie LeVine as the official chairs for the 2022 Childhelp Wings Fashion Show Luncheon.

Jennifer and Jamie will be planning, fundraising and generating awareness around the event.

Founding Mother

Carol Hebets

Event Chairs

Jennifer Archuleta
Jamie LeVine

Event Committee

Shelby Arians

Lisa Barnes

Kerri Bauer

Ivy Ciolli

Betsy Coffeen

Mari Corso

Joan Dominique

Alexis Earnhardt

Kate Evans

Charlotte Flynn

Rosanna Gallagher

Parisa Gorg

Janell Grady

Courtney Harder

Sheree Hartwell

Event Committee

Celeste Hopkins

Hallie House

Angela Isacksen

Nicole Jennings

Jessie Justice

Elizabeth Katzman

Courtney Konderik

Terah Nassos

Kendra Scheer

Sarah Schultze

Bita Smith

Renae Tomasewski

Amanda Tubesing

Eva Walz

Angela Zdrale