What is a Chapter/Auxiliary?

Childhelp Chapters and Auxiliaries create a way for community members to join the fight against child maltreatment, make their voices heard and their actions matter. They work hard to bring awareness to the issue and raise funds that will directly benefit the lives of children.

Childhelp Chapters and Auxiliaries plan events to raise awareness, media attention and funds for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. They are governed by a set of bylaws and lead by Chapter officers who help plan and implement the group's fundraising events and oversee the other activities of the Chapter. Chapters and Auxiliaries also support Childhelp programs in their areas whether it's with special event planning for the children or being a mentor. Members become agents of change by taking action and encouraging others to do the same. Some Chapter and Auxiliary members have been working to stop child abuse for nearly 50 years!

In addition to Chapters and Auxiliaries, Childhelp also has several Wings groups across the country.

About Wings

Childhelp Wings is a program designed to inspire, empower, engage and equip youth and young adults to join Childhelp in the prevention and treatment of child abuse. Childhelp Wings members strengthen their schools and communities by raising awareness about the issues and types of abuse that affect kids, as well as organize small fundraisers that support the lifesaving programs and services that Childhelp provides to those in need.

Wings members demonstrate the power to affect great change when the effort of one joins the efforts of many. Together we can stop the cycle of abuse and create a safe and loving world!

Visit the Childhelp Wings webpage to learn more about how you can join this dynamic group of volunteers!


If you are interested in becoming a chapter member, review the list to find a chapter in your area. If a chapter does not exist in your area and you are interested in starting one, please review the Steps to Forming a Chapter.

Chapter FAQs


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