by a guest blogger, survivor For decades, thousands of children suffered at the expense of large institutions protecting themselves and the abusers who operated within their systems. Legacies of neglect…

A History of Hope

Mar 26th, 2021
Looking back on National Child Abuse Prevention Month and Childhelp National Day of Hope Prologue The first National Child Abuse Prevention Month was in 1979. A new decade was about…

Distance Learning Dilemma

Mar 12th, 2021

A mother called our hotline and said she was hoping for help with ideas in parenting her daughter. Her little girl had recently begun showing frustration with distance learning, and displaying behavioral problems, including biting, hitting and throwing things.

Team members at the Childhelp Foster Family and Adoption Agency call him Grim. He gets up around 3am, says his prayers, makes coffee, watches a few shows, and comes into the office centered and ready to begin his advocacy for children. While there is a lot of documentation, reports and reviews, for Grim, it’s all about building relationships and inhabiting the spaces of the children he serves.

For LaToya Brown, building rapport with a new client is essential. While she draws from her own foster care experiences, she makes it clear, “It’s not about me, it’s about that child.” LaToya really started to find her voice in California Youth Connections meetings. LaToya had some breakthroughs in meeting with a therapist during her undergraduate studies. LaToya has clearly come into her own.