Whether online, back in the classroom, or making do with a hybrid learning model, children and families have been challenged to stay on track, stay safe and frankly, stay sane…

No Longer the Silhouette

Aug 30th, 2021
by Elizabeth Shane, a CSA survivor, poet & guest blogger I was the one in the shadows, blending in with the wallpaper hoping no one would notice me. The silhouette…

When she came to Childhelp’s Alice C. Tyler Residential Treatment Village in Virginia, she spent the first few months afraid to completely open up to her therapist. The fragile and frightened child refused to put words to the extreme abuse and neglect she experienced at home. She was scared silent.

Good friends help each other find a little less to worry about, and the best friends strengthen each other as the friendship grows. Unfortunately, people who might benefit most from healthy relationships often find it hardest to make and keep trusted friends. That’s why it’s important to nurture networks of support for everyone, especially the vulnerable. Read our seven good places to start making friends:

Every young person I’ve been a Special Friend to over the years has had a unique story. Three I will forever hold close to my heart are Nancy*, Jolena* and Destiny*.