Kids that bully other kids typically exhibit delinquent behavior, dislike school, show a lack of empathy for people and animals and may show signs of low self-esteem and narcissistic behavior.

Families are not perfect, and there is no “perfect family tradition.” To create a ritual in your family, just bring a little creativity, a great story and a lot of love to the table. You can start with something as simple as soup.

A new school year for dads is an important time of transition. This is just as true for fathers experiencing the first day of preschool as it is for more seasoned dads with young adults driving to high school.

In an additional study, researchers have concluded that women who suffered abuse as a child “remain vulnerable to premature mortality into adulthood. Thus, reported childhood abuse may have long-term ramifications for health and longevity in women.”

Bullying is no secret to children. And if there is one thing we can agree on, it’s that bullying conjures grave and long-lasting consequences. According to National Voices for Equality Education and Englightenment (NVEEE), a child is bullied every seven minutes.