“Pets should be considered a main, rather than a marginal, source of support in the management of long-term mental health problems and could be considered as extending more traditional Collaborative Care Models for managing mental health over time.”

Being a parent is a fantastic awakening. It leads you down an incredible path of great discovery where existence becomes bigger, grander, crazier and more wonderful than you ever imagined on your own. But sometimes it’s hard. We know it’s hard. That’s when a little reality, some solid parent-to-parent advice and a sense of humor come in handy.

My youngest said, “That’s not a real job.”  I answered him, “You’re right.  It’s a real calling.”

The ACTV of Childhelp is a remarkable, magical place where special things happen and where days that were once dim and dark for our children give way to light and hope once again.

The Childhelp Children’s Center of Arizona dedicated to Linda Pope offers an array of services to abused and neglected children. With the Phoenix Police Department, the Office of Child Welfare…