Last February, an international panel of experts presented findings at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting that the cost of child abuse has increased 20% to $150 billion a year — or 1.2 percent of per capita income for developed nations.

Words have an amazing power in our current day and age. They have the ability to do so much good but also if used in the wrong way, have the ability to tear people down.

“Kate” (whose name we changed for privacy) is a crisis counselor for the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline. We sat down with her and asked her some straightforward questions. She spoke candidly about the struggles of speaking day in and day out with people who are in distress; her eye-opening experience with self-awareness; and how she’s developed boundaries to survive in the field.

After 31 years, our beloved community relations director Lynn Elder has retired from the Merv Griffin Childhelp Village in Beaumont, California.

Every individual in an abusive relationship needs a safety plan. Shelters and crisis counselors have been urging safety plans for years, and police departments, victim services, hospitals, and courts have adopted this strategy.