Dr. Parker Gets Real About Prevention Education

For the past 56 years, Childhelp has grown into one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive nonprofit organizations addressing the needs of children victimized by abuse and neglect. With a strong professional and financial foundation in place today, Childhelp is confident that it will be here to care for children in need for the next 56 years, and beyond.

In Thanksgiving for our volunteers poem.

The Gift of Awareness

Nov 3rd, 2015

When a child is abused there is a widespread and long-lasting effect on the mind, heart, and soul of the victim. It’s like a crack in a windshield: the damage is contained at first but with each bump in the road, and sometimes without warning, the crack begins to spread.

A Haunted Metaphor

Oct 5th, 2015

This will be the 13th year of our Haunted Library where, the weekend before Halloween, a vastly underpaid group of volunteers, family members and staff come to help me transform our gentle facility into a Haunted Library for the Village children.