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Lake of the Woods Auxiliary

But they don’t do it alone, it takes a village. 



The Lake of the Woods Auxiliary was formed in 1996. Located just a few miles from the Alice C. Tyler Village, volunteer efforts are unique in that this chapter provides direct, personal support for the children residing at the Village. Besides cooperating with other volunteer groups to help make the Village’s holiday parties a success, the Auxiliary participates in special enrichment programs for individual children on a one-to-one basis, including Birthday Baskets, a Library Program, and the Special Friends initiative.

Lake of the Woods Auxiliary makes a substantial and extraordinary impact on the lives of neglected and abused children throughout Virginia. But they don’t do it alone; it takes a village.



Phoenix Wings

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Childhelp Service Club

Childhelp Service Clubs, student-led charity service organizations, strive to make our community a better place while empowering the future generation of philanthropic hearts. Compassionate and carrying students, willing to inspire action and provide service to those in need, work to further Childhelp’s mission to positively impact victims of child abuse and neglect. As a Childhelp Service Club member, you are answering the call to lead, having the courage to serve through speaking up, reaching out and developing your philanthropic heart for the love of a child. Our Childhelp Service Club Coordinator will help to provide ideas for meeting topics and projects depending on what your school allows and what has been successful in other schools in your area.

Service Club